Hot BCL Bunga Citra Lestari photo sexy

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Foto artis terbaru BCL aka bunga citra Lestari, in this picture bcl very sexy with her dress and she hot.

hot bcl bugil bunga citra lestari sexy dress
hot bcl bugil bunga citra lestari sexy dress
hot bcl bugil bunga citra lestari sexy dress

Maintaining Beauty Tips Bunga Citra Lestari

FACE beautiful manicured always be every woman's dream. Even though with renowned artists, Bunga Citra Lestari (BCL). As a famous artist and singer, who is familiarly called BCL virgin is demanded always look beautiful and attractive in all situations.

No wonder Malaysia's beloved actor, Ashraf Sinclair, was always caring for her beauty.

"Every woman should perform self-care to make it look pretty. Of course, this treatment should be routine for beautiful skin and maintained not only can be obtained in a single day," bunga said when being met okezone at XXI Club, Djakarta Theater 21, Central Jakarta, Friday (24/10/2008).

As an artist, flowers are always required to wear heavy makeup for stage, filming, or photography. Therefore, skin care becomes mandatory for singer First Love (Sunny) it.

"I've always been using make-up every shot, show to sing, or every day. To get around it all, I have always been diligent in washing her face and using moisturizers. How simple like this it looks easy, but it should be routinely performed. The effort that we have done could be a failure if after two days we forget to clean your face, "explained the Pond's brand ambassador of this.

By treating facial skin, the virgin who would marry her boyfriend on November 8, 2008, was diligent in going to the salon.

"There are times when we really have to go to a salon and spa for facial or other body treatments. And to get the skin healthy and fresh, we also have to keep it from within. That is by eating healthy foods and drinking water diligent. Besides that everything is about intentions from within ourselves to diligently care for our own skin, "explained singer of You this.

How meaningful a beautiful appearance, it was felt by bunga as a form of appreciation for being yourself.

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