Foto Artis Ingrid Kansil Photoshoot with Shoes Collections sexy picture

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Inggrid Kansil

Inggrid Kansil

Inggrid Kansil

Inggrid Kansil

Ingrid Kansil Cares Nation Cultural Preservation

Artists who are also members of the council, Ingrid Kansil, seems to want to help preserve the national culture in different ways.She showcased kebaya - kebaya batik because it is the identity of the nation.

"There is no preparation for long because I do not have the time. Most previous measure shirt and do the dress rehearsal. By bringing fashion nation's children, I feel it too work. Come participate preserve the national culture because kebaya is the nation's identity," said Ingrid Kansil when met at Fashion Show Kartini's Month by Amy Atmanto, Harvey Nichols, Grand Indonesia, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (27/04).

According to Ingrid Kansil, unlike batik Indonesian batik made in other countries. And the history contained in batik really high value. Therefore, Ingrid Kansil always use Indonesian products in their daily life.

"Indonesian Batik is different from Thailand and Malaysian-made batik. In Indonesia, every piece is of high historical value. By using batik, Indonesian aura will come out. In addition to helping local artisans, I tried to transmit the viruses good use of domestic products around us. Society loves Indonesian products do not need to wear kebaya every day but know the value of tradition can be removed through anything, including fashion, "she said.

Ingrid Kansil own claim to always use local products, such as batik, gold earrings from Bali, NTB bracelet of elephant ivory, or bags, sandals, and shoes, all made in Indonesia.

"I've Temen's apartment and take my offer. If you do not need to wear a particular brand of batik, which is important we understand about batik and print. Batik is expensive and difficult to make. One of batik can be four months for her. If printed batik cheap because the process not for long. This is different to that outside. If the outside of it such as Malaysia and Thailand, they are only using batik cap, "added Ingrid who often designs her own clothes this.

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