Foto Artis Indonesia Sissy Priscillia Beautiful And Sexy Girl

Thursday, November 25, 2010
Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Sissy Priscillia

Rifat Sungkar: Sissy Priscillia Smart Cook

Unlike when she was alone, Rifat Sungkar now taking the time every day to eat at home, which was cooked by his wife, Sissy Priscillia. So even before departure, breakfast is also available at the dinner table.

"Then certainly I will eat lunch at home, and there is a make morning breakfast. Sissy Priscillia was already used to cook, she's a great cook at home because it was Sissy Priscillia is not no maid, so she himself and his mother a cook so now that she is used,, "he said when met at the show Bolang Award in Studio 9 Trans7, Mampang, Jakarta, Friday (23 / 7) afternoon.

Support from his wife, according to Rifat who is also a racer, the push for more eager to work and achievement.

Meanwhile, Rifat encourage young children to perform better this time. Because children are now more complete facilities, unlike when Sissy Priscillia was a teenager first. So that should have a greater chance of achievement.

"Unlike the first time, now with the existence of this event, achievements of the children can dihargain. These days a lot of technology, information easy, so to make them known it was very easy, their performance was very easy to know the people," he said.

"So I am very proud of the existence of shows like this (Si Bolang). Unlike my past that did not have a BlackBerry or the Internet," he concluded.

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