Artis Seksi Cina

Friday, June 17, 2011
Artis Seksi Cina. Liability Physicians of Patients : Article 10. Each physician should keep in mind the obligation to protect human beings live. Article 11. Each physician must be sincere and use all the knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients. In the event he is unable to perform an examination or treatment, then he must refer the patient to another physician who has expertise in the disease. Article 12. Each physician should provide the opportunity for patients to keep in touch with family and advisors in worship and / or in other problems. Article 13. Every doctor must keep secret everything he knew about a patient, even after the patient's death. Article 14. Every doctor must perform emergency care as a humanitarian duty unless he was sure there are others willing and able to give it.Physician Obligations to colleagues: Article 15. Every physician treating his colleagues as he himself would be treated. Article 16. Each physician should not take over patients from colleagues without his consent. IV. Physician obligation to Yourself. Article 17. Each physician must maintain his health, in order to work with balk. Article 18. Each physician should always follow the development of science and remain faithful to his ideals are noble.

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